A selection of dog photographs that I have taken over the years. From head portraits to full on action shots. When booking a dog photograhy session with me you will get a wide choice of images taken in natural outdoor surroundings.

Bracco Italiano head portrait with buttercups in the background.
Large Munsterlander portrait in the heather with tongue sticking out.
Cross Daschund in his family portrait
Two Lagatto Romaglano Puppies sat together on the grass.
Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla head portrait
Terrier cross sat on a hay bale
Chocolate Labrador lay in the autumn leaves
A Dachshund cross on a log.
Weimaraner stood on the beach with reflection in the water.
A Lagatto Romagnolo and her puppy sat on the grass.
Large Munsterlander head portrait.
Weimaraner chasing a ball on the beach, with two Weimaraners in the sea in the background.
A family portrait with their dog, in a barn.
Bracco Italiano sat in a buttercup field.
Two Weimaraners and their family by the beach.
A cross breed dog sat in the grass.
A Black Labrador holding a ball in his mouth.
Bracco Italiano sat in the buttercups.
Weimaraner running on the beach, with reflection in the water.
Three Weimaraners in the snow, with a fence in the background.
Terrier cross with his owner in front of a barn door.
Four Lagatto Romaglano Puppies in a tin bath.
Older Yellow Labrador head portrait.
Working Spaniel puppy sat down on owners Welly, looking up.
Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla standing in a field.
Two Lagatto Romaglano Puppies cuddling on the grass.
A Dachshund cross sat between the feet of his owners.
Black Cocker Spaniel head portrait
Weimaraner running on the beach.
Terrier cross stood on a hay bale.
German Wirehaired Pointer sat in heather.
Large Munsterlander jumping in the heather.
Chocolate Labrador and his family, sat in the woods.
Large Munsterlander in action in the river.
An older chocolate Labrador lay down
Weimaraner running on the beach.
Golden Retriever puppy in the garden.
Large Munsterlander sat next to handler.
German Longhaired Pointer portrait.
Beagle head portrait.
Working Cocker Spaniel head portrait.
Working Springer Spaniel portrait.
Eleven week old Weimaraner puppy in a field.
Nine week old Weimaraner puppy sat in the garden.
West Highland White Terrier running though a field of dandelions
Weimaraner retrieving a dummy in the grass.
Three Weimaraner sat in a snow flurry
Lagatto Romagnolo stood posing
A puppy Epagneul de Pont Audemer stood in the grass.
A yellow and a chocolate Labrador in the field
A Lagatto Romaglano Puppy on the grass.
Large Munsterlander portrait by the river.
Older Weimaraner at the beach eating seaweed.
Lurcher sat on a woodland path.
A family portrait with their two labradors in the grass.
A Bracco Italiano running with ears in the air.
A Epagneul De Pont Audemer, HPR breed, working the ground.