Bracco Italiano in full flight.

Bracco Italiano and Laggato Romagnolo

The Lagatto Romagnolo and Bracco Italiano Gundog Breeds

A few images from a session with two lovely Italian Gundog breeds-the Lagatto Romagnolo and the Bracco Italiano.  Olive and Fern are owned by Jack and Lauren and they have just had some exciting news, they have found out that Olive the Lagotto Romagnolo is expecting puppies from a very handsome boy who lives in Holland.  Looking forward to seeing the puppies. Not forgetting the lovely Ted, owned by Karen, in some of the photos running around with Fern. The Lagatto Romagnolo and the Bracco Italiano, such different breeds in terms of looks but both so stunning. The Lagatto is part of the Any Variety Spaniel sub group of the Gundog group and the Bracco is part of the Hunt, Point, Retrieve (HPR) sub group.